I'm Katherine Parks, a specialized French-English translator based in Paris.

    When second best isn't good enough

    Legal documents are vital. They have the power to change fortunes and transform lives. My clients understand the value of their content and are not prepared to compromise on its translation.

    Putting your words to work for you

    I use my linguistic skills, subject-matter knowledge, and cultural sensitivity to craft clear, accurate English translations of your French content. Simply put, I focus on what I do best, which allows you to do the same.

    Specialized translation services

    Employment law

    Business law

    Human resources

    Having grown up in the United States, I have now lived in France for 10 years, giving me in-depth knowledge of French culture and the nuances of the language. I have also gained postgraduate degrees in both law and HR during my career, constantly honing my skills. I take my business as seriously as you take yours.

    I fully understand your original content, your target audience, and your field as a whole. I focus on what I do best so that you can do the same.

    I work with

    Law firms and notaries
    Communications managers at SMEs and non-profits
    Real estate agencies
    International organizations

    Do you need a specialized legal or HR translator?